Some 50 ACEH members, friends, and newcomers to the organization turned out on Friday, September 12, 2014, at the Holland Area Arts Council to hear Dr. Jesus Montaño speak about “The Language of Hope.” The program was planned in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Montaño was born in Mexico and lived in the U.S. undocumented for a few years; he began his schooling speaking only Spanish. Now a U.S. citizen, he is an associate professor teaching English at Hope College. "What happened in between those years was both beautiful and terrible--the repercussions of immigration, deportation, and assimilation--as well as the reality that there is much beauty and hope in the world," he said.

His talk was about translation--in the sense that a word transforms from one thing into another in order to keep being what it was--and how that applies to life, to culture, to memories. He shared personal stories of his life and family, including his own photographs.

Because corn is “king” in much of the Spanish-speaking Americas, a variety of appetizers made with corn were offered, including arepas and elote.

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