The 14th annual Holiday Potluck and Cultural Sharing Party Dec. 6, 2014, with C.J. Kingdom-Grier as emcee, featured music by Greg Hulsebos and grandsons; adults and children performing dances of India; violin music by Gezelle Kingdom-Grier; teen activities by Kenita Harris; and children’s activities by Kim Romero, Annie Olson, and Cynthia Hagedorn. Treasurer Bin Lim was recognized by John Yelding for his years of service to ACEH. A silent auction of goods and services donated by dozens of generous local businesses and individuals, and led by Al Minert and Bobbie Brown, raised over $1,700 to support ACEH’s work in the community. Many thanks to the Boys & Girls Club Keystone group, Bobbie Brown's potluck crew, and all of the wonderful volunteers. We are grateful to First United Methodist Church for the use of its Fellowship Hall. Photos by Rodrigo De Grau and Herb Weller.

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