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Today is: Friday, February 23, 2018

Diversity Lending Library

The titles listed below are part of ACEH's Diversity Lending Library. These items may be checked out to residents of the Holland area on a two-week basis.

For more information, contact Eleanor Lopez at (269) 751-8933.


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  • 10 lenses: your guide to living & working in a multicultural world, The, 1st ed. / Book
  • 101 ways to combat prejudice / Pamphlet
  • 50 activities for conflict resolution / Book
  • 50 activities for diversity training / Book
  • 50 activities for managing cultural diversity / Book


  • A different mirror: A history of multicultural America / Book
  • A place at the table (includes book and teacher's guide) / Video
  • A theory of multicultural counseling and therapy / Book
  • A time for justice: America's civil right movement / Video
  • Actiondeck: A training tool for promoting employee actions that build diversity and a harassment-free workplace / Game
  • Addressing cultural issues in organizations: beyond the corporate context (winter roundtable series, 1) / Book
  • Affirmative action in medicine: improving health care for everyone / Book
  • Age & attitudes / Video


  • Beyond race and gender: Unleashing the power of your total work force by managing diversity / Book
  • Blue eyed (including 2 users' guides) / Video
  • Building a house for diversity: How a fable about a giraffe & an elephant offers new strategies for today's workforce (3 copies) / Book


  • Can you hear me?--Arabic communities / Video
  • Can you hear me?--Latino/Hispanic communities / Video
  • Caregiving across cultures: Working with dementing illness and ethnically diverse populations / Book
  • Celebrating diversity: coexisting in a multicultural society / Book
  • Celebrating diversity. Grades 4-6 / Book
  • Celebrating diversity: working with groups in the workplace / Book
  • Celebrations!, 1st American ed. / Book
  • Children just like me, 1st American ed. / Book
  • Clown / Video
  • Color of fear, The / Book
  • Color of racism: understanding & overcoming discrimination, The / Book
  • Color of water: A black man's tribute to his white mother, The / Book
  • Communicating in a diverse workplace: A practical guide to successful workplace communication techniques / Book
  • Confronting racism: The problem and the response / Book
  • Crafts of many cultures: 30 authentic craft projects from around the world / Book
  • Creating the multicultural organization: A strategy for capturing the power of diversity (2 copies) / Book
  • Cross-cultural medicine / Book
  • Creative solutions for addressing diversity (workplace relationships series, no. 4) / Book
  • Cultural competency for health professionals / Book
  • Cultural competency in health care: a guide for trainers, 3rd ed. / Book
  • Cultural competency in health, social, and human services: Directions for the twenty-first century / Book
  • Cultural diversity in health & illness, 5th ed. (2 copies) / Book
  • Cultural diversity in health care: A different point of view / Book
  • Cultural diversity in the workplace (business skills express series) (2 copies) / Book
  • Culture care diversity & universality: A theory of nursing / Book
  • Culture's consequences: comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and organizations across nations, 2nd ed. / Book
  • Customer relations and the diversity challenge: A trainer's guide / Book


  • Death will come soon enough. The Utes must go! (How the West was Lost II video series), vol. 3 / Video
  • Developing cross-cultural competence: A guide for working with children and their families / Book
  • Developing diversity training for the workplace: a guide for trainers, 8th ed. / Book
  • Different like you: Appreciating diversity in the 21st Century (includes leader's guide and participant's booklet) / Video
  • Diversity activities and training designs / Book
  • Diversity advantage: Food for thought (includes desk reference and leader's guide), The / Video
  • Diversity and distrust: Civic education in a multicultural democracy / Book
  • Diversity and motivation: culturally responsive teaching / Book
  • Diversity consciousness: Opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities / Book
  • Diversity days: A teacher's 2002-2003 calendar of ideas / Calender
  • Diversity factor: capturing the competitive advantage of a changing workforce, The / Book
  • Diversity icebreakers: A guide for diversity training / Book
  • Diversity in the workplace: Supervisor training manual / Book
  • Diversity now (includes desk reference and leader's guide) / Video
  • Diversity now: People, collections, and services in academic libraries / Book
  • Diversity success strategies / Book
  • Diversity: food for thought (includes desk reference and leader's guide) / Video
  • Diversity tool kit, The / Book
  • Diversophy: Understanding the human race / Game
  • Divided we fall. The unconquered (How the West was Lost II video series), vol. 1 / Video


  • Essential blue-eyed: 50 minute trainer's edition and 36 minute debriefing, The / Video
  • Ethnic diseases sourcebook, 1st ed. / Book
  • Ethnic notions / Video
  • Ethnicity and family therapy / Book
  • Everyday racism: A book for all Americans / Book
  • Experiencing and counseling multicultural and diverse populations, 3rd ed. / Book


  • Four skills of cultural diversity competence: A process for understanding and practice, The, 2nd ed. (2 copies) / Book


  • Getting "culture smart": Ten strategies for making diversity work (2 copies) / Book
  • Getting along: words of encouragement / Video
  • Globetrotter travel map : Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia / Map


  • Handbook of multicultural competencies in counseling & psychology / Book
  • Health care in the black community: empowerment, knowledge, skills, and collectivism / Book
  • Health issues for women of color: a cultural diversity perspective / Book
  • Health promotion for all: Strategies for reaching diverse populations at the workplace / Book
  • House on Mango Street, The, 1st Vintage contemporaries ed. / Book
  • House on Mango Street, The (Bloom's guides series) / Book


  • In good company / Book
  • Inclusion breakthrough: Unleashing the real power of diversity, The, 1st ed. / Book
  • Intercultural interviewing: The key to effective hiring in a multicultural workforce / Book


  • Journey of life: A cultural history of aging in America, The / Book


  • Kids around the world celebrate!: The best feasts and festivals from many lands / Book
  • Kids around the world create!: The best crafts and activities from many lands / Book
  • Kids' multicultural art book: Art & craft experiences from around the world, The / Book


  • Let them eat grass (How the West was Lost II video series), vol. 4 / Video
  • Let's make music!: multicultural songs and activities / Book and Audiocassette
  • Lies my teacher told me: Everything your American history textbook got wrong / Book
  • Life on the color line: The true story of a white boy who discovered he was black / Book


  • Managing differences: How to build better relationships at work and home, 2nd ed. / Book
  • Managing diversity: a complete desk reference and planning guide revised ed. / Book
  • Managing diversity in health care / Book
  • Managing diversity survival guide: A complete collection of checklists, activities, and tips, The (w/computer diskette) / Book
  • M.E.E.T. on common ground: speaking up for respect in the workplace / Video, DVD, Workbook
  • Mighty times. The legacy of Rosa Parks / Video
  • More diversity icebreakers: A trainer's guide / Book
  • Multicultural clients: A professional handbook for health care providers and social workers / Book
  • Multicultural clip art / Book
  • Multicultural game book: more than 70 traditional games from 30 countries, The / Book


  • New Americans, The / Video


  • Old like me / Video
  • Old neighborhood: What we lost in the great suburban migration, 1966-1999, The (2 copies) / Book
  • On racial frontiers: The new culture of Frederick Douglass, Ralph Ellison, and Bob Marley / Book
  • Origins of cultural differences and their impact on management, The / Book


  • Patient diversity: Beyond the vital signs (includes leader's guide) / Book
  • Promoting health in multicultural populations: A handbook for practitioners / Book


  • Quality health services for Hispanics: The cultural competency component / Book


  • Racial and ethnic diversity: Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites, 4th ed. / Book
  • Racism without racists: color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in the United States (4 copies) / Book
  • Read and understand, celebrating diversity. Grades 1-2 / Book
  • Read and understand, celebrating diversity. Grades 3-4 / Book
  • Recruitment, retention and advancement: Strategies to achieve an ethnically diverse workplace (2 copies) / Book
  • Respect in the workplace: Avoiding discrimination (includes desk reference and leader's guide) / Video
  • Respect in the workplace: Avoiding discrimination: A desk reference / Pamphlet
  • Respecting our differences / Pamphlet


  • Shadow of hate: A history of intolerance in America, The (2 copies) / Video
  • Shame and body image: culture and the compulsive eater / Book
  • Showing our true colors: A fun, easy guide for understanding and appreciating yourself and others / Book
  • Speaking culturally: Language diversity in the United States / Book
  • Spirit catches you and you fall down: A Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures, The, 1st ed. / Book
  • Starting small : teaching children tolerance (includes book) / Video
  • Starting small : teaching tolerance in preschool and the early grades (4 copies) / Book
  • Strength through cultural diversity: Building skills for awareness, understanding and application / Book


  • Talking about cultural diversity in your church: Gifts and challenges / Book
  • Teaching tolerance: Raising open-minded, empathetic children / Book
  • Tipping point: How little things can make a big difference, The / Book
  • Tipping point: How little things can make a big difference, The / Audio
  • Trail of Tears. As long as the grass shall grow, The (How the West was Lost II video series), vol. 2 / Video
  • Trainer's guide to diversity bingo: An experiential learning activity / Book
  • Training employees with disabilities: Strategies to enhance learning & development for an expanding part of your workforce / Book


  • Understanding cultural diversity: Culture, curriculum, and community in nursing (2 copies) / Book
  • Understanding race and ethnic relations / Book
  • Uprooting racism: How white people can work for racial justice / Book


  • Viva la causa! 500 years of Chicano history (2 copies) / Video


  • Wall between, The, 2nd ed. / Book
  • Woman in the shade of Islam / Book
  • Workplace diversity, 1st ed. / Book


  • Your values, my values: Multicultural services in developmental disabilities / Book